Frequently asked questions about True Mover.


Where are True Mover moving and storage services available?

True Mover is a moving and storage company based out of Northern Virginia that specializes in nationwide moving. See whether you’re in our current service area:

Where is True Mover able to move me?

Anywhere in the continental United States! True Mover is a nationwide moving company and we will make sure that everything you need gets where it needs to go!

Why is True Mover the best way to store your property?

We studied why people don’t like self storage, and came up with a better way to store your property:

  • Convenience: no boxes, helpers, truck rental, or leaving your house required. We come to you, and will pack, remove, and store your belongings with care. When you want something back, we deliver it.
  • Affordability: pay for only the space you actually use in our secure, modern facilities, and save with automatic volume-based discounts.
  • Service: your concierge manages the details: planning and scheduling, containers and packing, transport and secure storage, and maintaining your property inventory.
  • Safety & Security: True Mover service associates are trained professionals who respect you, your home, and your belongings. Our facilities are local, secure, alarmed, and monitored for your peace of mind. We maintain an up-to-date inventory of the property you store with us, and provide free protection against loss or damage.

Why is True Mover Storage more affordable than renting a traditional storage unit?

We build storage facilities where they cost less, and use SmartID technology instead of individual lockers to identify and group your property. We use space more efficiently by stacking containers and storing items on industrial shelving that enables the use of all our vertical space.

How much does it cost to get an item returned from storage?

We’ll return up to a van full of items for our basic $35 service visit fee.  For bigger loads, we send a truck and team and charge $70. 

What is a "Special Service Item?"

“Special Service Items” are property items larger than 50 cubic feet, heavier than 100 pounds, fragile, over $1,000 in member-declared value, or that otherwise require special care in handling (sectional sofas, dining room sets, fine china, etc.). Your concierge will price Special Service Items separately to account for their particular safe-handling requirements.

Great service! How can I recommend you to others?

  • If you know people who could use our storage and property services, tell them about us here.
  • True Mover members provide our best marketing. See recent testimonials and leave your own here.

Personal Property Services

What are True Mover Property Services?℠

When you store at least 20 cubic feet of property with True Mover you get exclusive access to services you can use to manage and care for all your personal property items, including things you’d like to sell, move, donate, or otherwise dispose of. We also provide small businesses with inventory management and liquidation, white-glove delivery, and shipping and receiving services.

If I want to sell some nice things that I don’t need, what are my options?

Use True Mover to find buyers for your valuable like-new and lightly used items.

What kind of items can I sell?

Consider selling items in great condition such as furniture, electronics, sports equipment, small appliances and other things that people want. We recommend choosing items with a fair market value of $200 or more to improve your odds of netting at least $50 on each sale after our service fees and commission.

How should I price the items I want to sell?

We can help. Item condition, age, brand, features, and demand are just a few factors that influence value. We know the local market, and will even research special items to help you decide how to price them. Just ask your concierge!

When you sell things for me, can interested buyers inspect them if they wish?

Yes. Each of our local facilities has a showroom where we show potential buyers your items and transact sales.

Will True Mover move my whole house?

Of course! If you need it moved, we can help! No matter how far across country you need to go.

If I have a bunch of items or need several services do I need a consultation, or can you just come pick this stuff up?

Just tell your concierge whether we need to send a van or truck, and we’ll take care of it. If you have questions, we’ll answer them. If you want to store things until you decide what to do with them…well, hey, that’s what we do!

What if I need a service that I don't see here?

We offer General Services to satisfy many custom requests–just ask your concierge. If you don’t have a concierge yet, consult one here or email us at concierge@thetruemover.cirrusseven.com.


What can a True Mover concierge do for me?

When you first contact True Mover, a complimentary concierge will answer your questions and help you take advantage of our services. From then on, contact your concierge when you want to move property to or from storage, and for other personalized assistance.

What is a "concierge consultation"?

When you have a big job, urgent deadline, or other concern, a concierge will visit you for a free consultation and develop a detailed price quote if you wish. Give us the go-ahead, and your concierge will schedule and coordinate your services to ensure your complete satisfaction.

How can I reach my concierge?

True Mover concierges are always here to consult with you and coordinate your services. Contact your concierge by phone, email, text, or here.

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